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New York Brain Injury Rehabilitation Lawyer

A brain injury is a serious and complex injury. The leading causes of traumatic brain injuries are car accidents, falls, and assaults. Brain injury victims can suffer a variety of symptoms including physical, behavioral, cognitive, sensory, and mood problems. These and other symptoms require immediate treatment. Even after the victim’s injury has been stabilized through surgery and medication, brain injury rehabilitation is often necessary to help the victim regain independence and improve his or her quality of life. If you are in need of an attorney because you or a family member suffered a brain injury and are wondering about how to proceed, immediately contact an experienced New York brain injury lawyer as you may be eligible for compensation for your losses. Brain injury cases are complicated and require an understanding of both personal injury law as well as the medical implications of catastrophic brain injuries.

Brain injury rehabilitation

While treatment of a brain injury may require surgery and medication, victims who suffer severe brain injury are will likely also require a great deal of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation will focus on improve physical, cognitive, communication, and behavioral abilities. The goal is to help the victim regain as much independence as possible so that they have a good quality of life. The rehabilitation plan is typically overseen by a psychiatrist who specializes in rehabilitation.

  • Occupational therapist. Brain damage often causes the victim to forget who to perform activities of daily living. An occupational therapist will help the victim relearn or improve the ability to perform such activities.
  • Physical therapist. Brain trauma sometimes affects mobility. A physical therapist will help the victim improve balance and walking.
  • Speech and language pathologist. Slurred speech and decreased ability to communicate is common for brain trauma victims. A speech therapist will help the victim improve communication skills.
  • Neuropsychologist. Cognitive problems such as memory loss, poor concentration, and poor judgment are common with traumatic brain injuries. A neuropsychologist will help the victim manage in appropriate behaviors and learn coping strategies needed for psychological well-being.
  • Recreational therapist. A recreational therapist helps brain injury victims improve physical and psychological health through leisure activities.
Pursuing compensation

Because brain injuries can cause a wide variety of symptoms, brain injury rehabilitation is often required for an extended period even after the victim receives medical treatment for the actual brain injury. The cost of treatment, couple of the cost of rehabilitation can be substantial, and easily cause the victim and his (or her) family to fall into financial distress. As a New York injury lawyer will explain, if your brain injury was caused by another person, such as a reckless driver or a careless property owner, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against that negligent person in order to force him to pay for your medical bills, including the costs of your rehabilitation, as well as other expenses related to your brain injury. Similarly, if your injury was caused at work, workers’ compensation benefits will provide medical care that will cover the costs of rehabilitation.

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