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New York Skull Fracture

A skull fracture is a crack or a break in the cranial bone that forms the skull. While there are several different types of skull fractures, they are all caused by a violent blow to the head in a car accident, fall, or assault. A skull fracture is a particularly dangerous injury. The cranial bone protects the brain. If the integrity of the cranial bone is damage, the brain is at risk of also being damaged and open to infection. Brain damage can leave the victim with permanent physical and mental deficits that could impact many aspects of the victim’s life. If you or a family member suffered a skull fracture in an accident that was caused by the negligent, reckless, or intentional actions of another person, the New York skull fracture lawyers at the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates are here to help you fight for fair compensation for your injuries.

Types and causes of skull fractures

There are several different types of skull fractures. A simple skull fracture occurs when the cranial bone breaks, but the skin remains intact. A linear skull fracture involves a break that is a thin line. A depressed skull fracture is a fracture where the cranial is pushed in toward the brain. A penetrating skull fractures involves pieces of the bone piercing the brain. A compound fracture is a skull fracture involves a break in the skin and splintering of cranial bone.

Skull fractures are caused by a violent blow to the head. They often occur in car, truck and motorcycle accidents, but can also occur in falls or workplace accidents. In some cases victims suffer skull fractures as well as brain injuries due to blunt force trauma from a weapon or shot in the head during a violent criminal assault.

Regardless of the cause of the skull fracture, a skilled skull fracture attorney in New York will review the evidence and build a strong case to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

Pursuing compensation for a skull fracture

If you suffered a skull fracture, it may take months to heal. Because of the proximity of a skull fracture to the brain, brain damage such as a hematoma, contusion, or concussion often accompanies a skull fracture. Treatment for a skull fracture and brain injury ranges from medical to surgery. If your skull fracture occurred in an accident that was caused by another person, or because a business or government entity was negligent, you have the right to file a claim against the negligent party. In doing so you would shift the financial burden of your injury to the party responsible for it. For example, if a motorist sped through a stop-sign and collided with your vehicle, leaving you with a head injury, that motorist would be responsible. If you slipped and fell on a wet floor in a government building, you can file a claim against the government agency demanding compensation.

Personal injury claims involving skull fractures and brain injuries are complex. In order to effectively advocate for you, your New York skull fracture attorney must understand not only the nuances of personal injury law, but also the medical implications of a head injury.

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