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Every Westchester County Brain Injury Lawyer at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC is knowledgeable that more than one and a half million victims suffer the effects of a traumatic head injury each year in the United States.

A traumatic brain injury develops when the heads collides with an object or is violently shaken resulting in brain function disturbance. The brain injury, typically arising from injuries or an accident, may vary greatly in severity from a brief altered mental status to coma or death. Depending on the significance of the injury, brain damage may affect numerous portions of the brain or may be isolated to a small section of the brain.

In accordance with our Westchester County Brain Injury Lawyer team, CDC statistics verify more than one and a half million Americans suffer from a traumatic brain injury. Of those afflicted people, 275,000 are hospitalized, 52,000 Americans die and 1.4 million are treated and released.

The extensive experience and knowledge our Westchester County Brain Injury Lawyer staff has gained handling numerous traumatic brain injury cases has indicated auto accident, falls, physical assault and being hit by an item are among the most common causes contributing to traumatic brain injury. These common brain injury contributors frequently arise from another entity or person’s negligence, recklessness or carelessness. If you are experiencing traumatic brain injury effects, contact the highly skilled Westchester County Brain Injury Lawyer staff at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC for a consultation and examination of your claim.

Causes of Brain Injury
  • Falling – 35.2 percent
  • Being struck against something or being struck by something – 16.5 percent
  • Car accidents – 17.3 percent with the greatest casualty rate at 31.8 percent
  • Assaults – 10 percent

Westchester County is encompassed in these nationwide figures. The typical factors of skull injury and brain injury leading to the hospitalization of Westchester County residents involve: motor vehicle accidents, entailing the categories of SUV accident, car accident, large truck accident, motorcycle accident and assault-related injuries. According to emergency room records, Westchester County citizens more commonly incur brain injuries from being struck against or by an object, assault-related injuries, falls and then motor vehicle accidents.

Many forms of traumatic brain injury exist. A break in any of the skull bones is called a skull fracture. A skull fracture can arise from blunt impact or a head impact, such as falling and hitting your head in a construction accident or being smashed in the head by a baseball bat. A more uncommon type of skull fracture is a break in the bones in the bottom of the skull and is referred to as a basal skull fracture. A basal skull fracture often arises from an incident like a fall that results in a head impact. The same type of accident or fall may result in an occipital fracture. An occipital fracture is a fracture of the occipital bone at the rear of the head.

A condition known as an epidural hematoma is an amassing of blood in the space between the brain and skull. A subdural hematoma is an amassing of blood in the space between the protective membrane and brain tissue. According to the findings of the Westchester County Brain Injury Lawyer team at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC, this can be the most fatal type of brain injury due to the accelerated accumulation of blood compressing the brain. A more common brain injury is called cerebral edema, brain swell or brain edema. This type of brain injury arises from an excess of cerebral fluid amassing in the brain. Another more common type of traumatic brain injury is a brain bruise, also known as a concussion or brain contusion.

Each form of brain injury may require a craniotomy. A craniotomy is a surgery to remove a piece of the skull to allow brain access. A neurosurgeon performs the craniotomy under general or local anesthesia.

The most commonly occurring form of brain injury is a concussion. Every Westchester County Brain Injury Lawyer at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC understands that concussion entails an average 75 percent of all brain injuries. The significance of concussion can vary greatly. In some cases, a concussion injury mandates minor medical attention. In other instances, concussion injuries can elicit an extended state of unconsciousness known as a coma.

Our Westchester County Brain Injury Lawyer staff has learned an eye orbital fracture often arises from trauma resulting from the negligence of another person. An eye orbital fracture is break in the bones wrapping around the eye and can often lead to a blow-out fracture.

Some forms of brain injury may be caused by a doctor mistake or other form of medical negligence. If you are experiencing the effects of brain injury arising from doctor error or medical negligence, contact the New York Brain Injury Lawyer team at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC to discuss your rights to pursuing a medical malpractice case against the negligent healthcare provider.

Traumatic brain injury, head wound or brain injury recovery can be expensive, time-consuming and complex. You should not endure the complexities alone. Consult our experienced Westchester County Brain Injury Lawyer team for assistance.

Signs of Brain Injury

A moderate brain injury indicator may be a one-sided neurological deficit. However, brain damage may be experienced without a one-sided neurological deficit.

With a conscious patient, a medical provider can evaluate the patient’s mental position by observing for confusion, the ability to obey commands, use of appropriate words, spontaneous eye opening, reaction to pain and speech, among additional factors.

Other indicators mandating the need for medical assistance:

  • any one-sided neurological deficit
  • lengthy unconsciousness or inability to awaken
  • fatigue or lethargy, progressive or intermittent drowsiness after an alert period or changes in sleep behavior
  • inequality of pupil size or dilation of the pupils, double vision or blurred vision
  • seizures or convulsive seizures
  • depressed skull fracture
  • penetrating head wounds
  • trouble with memory or concentration, mental confusion or increasing confusion
  • slurred speech
  • ears ringing
  • light-headedness or dizziness
  • behavioral or mood changes including restlessness or agitation
  • weakness or numbness in the limbs
  • frequent vomiting or nausea
  • severe, continual or worsening headache
  • loss of balance or coordination

In more significant brain injury cases, permanent disability, movement or speech problems, mental handicaps, delusions, coma, spinal injury or even wrongful death may occur. With the effects of traumatic brain injury impacting every area of communication and mobility, it is crucial to employ the services of a knowledgeable and hardworking Westchester County Brain Injury Lawyer at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC. In accordance with the findings of our Westchester County Brain Injury Lawyer staff, expenses for treatment of brain injury can vary from as little as $500,000 to more than $2 million.

The Westchester Brain Injury Lawyer team at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC has gained a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience in all categories of personal injury cases, including wrongful death cases, motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, healthcare provider medical malpractice cases and construction accident cases. Our experience will aid the successful pursuit of compensation to cover your medical expenses. If you or someone you love is suffering from the effects of a traumatic brain injury, contact our New York Injury Lawyer team at Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC. Please call us at 800.696.9529, online or contact one of our offices in New York in Westchester County, in Long Island in Nassau County or Suffolk County or in New York City including Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island for a free case evaluation.