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New York Costs Associated with Brain Injuries Lawyer

A traumatic brain injury is a serious injury to the head that disrupts the normal functioning of the brain. Each year over 2 people in the United States suffer concussions, contusions, hematomas, and other types of traumatic brain injuries in car accidents, falls, and criminal assaults, many of whom live in New York. Brain injuries, even mild ones, can be complex to treat. Brain injuries affect not only the physical well-being of victims, but also cause behavioral, cognitive, and emotional symptoms. The medical costs associated with brain injuries are high. As experienced New York brain injury attorneys, we know that many brain injuries are the result of negligent or reckless actions on the part of someone other than the victim. Our attorneys are here to advocate for victims to help ensure that the negligent person compensates the victim of the cost of treatment as well as the other expenses related to the brain injury.

The actual costs associated with brain injuries

There are several different types of brain injuries including concussions, contusions, hematomas, diffuse axonal injury, and anoxic brain injuries. While each injury is quite different, each of them can have a profound effect on the functioning of the brain. Furthermore, each injury can be challenging to treat. Depending on the type of injury, the location of the injury, and its severity, there are several possible types of treatment. While most brain injuries are initially treated in a hospital, treatment usually continues even after the victim is discharged. Medical costs associated with brain injuries may include:

  • Hospitalization. Hospital fees may include treatment in the emergency department followed by being admitted to the hospital. During the hospital stay, victims may have to undergo a variety of expensive diagnostic tests such as MRIs, CT scans, PET scans, or SPECT scans. In some cases the victim will have to undergo delicate brain surgery.
  • Medication. Pain medication may be required, as well as medication to fight or prevent infection, especially in the case of an open head injury.
  • Therapy. Because there may be physical, cognitive, behavioral, and social effects of a brain injury, victims may require physical therapy and occupational therapy as well as psychological counseling.
  • Long-term care. It is not unusual for a brain injury victim to become permanently disabled, requiring life-long care.
Pursuing compensation

If you or someone you love suffered a brain injury, you may be concerned about how you are going to pay for treatment. It is important to understand that you may be entitled to compensation or benefits. For example, if you suffered a severe concussion in a slip and fall accident at a retail store, you have the right to file a claim against the owner or manager of the store and demand compensation that would cover your medical expenses as well as other expenses related to the accident, such as lost wages. On the other hand, if your accident happened at work, you may be eligible to workers’ compensation which includes medical benefits as well a cash benefit. Furthermore, if the accident left the victim permanently disabled, the victim may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits.

To learn more about the possible avenues for compensation to pay your medical expenses, discuss the details of your case with a knowledgeable brain injury attorney.

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