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New York Organic Brain Damage Lawyer

An organic brain injury does not describe a specific injury to the brain. It describes any condition that causes the victim to experience a decrease in the functioning of his (or her) brain. In other words, organic brain injury, also referred to as organic brain syndrome, describe any condition that leads to some form of dementia. For example, a traumatic injury to the brain suffered in a fall at a construction site can lead to organic brain syndrome. It can also be brought on by excessive consumption of alcohol over a long period of time, vitamin deficiencies, and brain infections such encephalitis. When organic brain damage is caused by the negligent, intentional, or reckless actions of another person, then the victim may have the right to pursue legal action to force that person to pay damages to cover medical expenses as well as other losses related to the brain damage. If you are suffering the debilitating effects dementia brought on by the actions of another person, contact an experienced New York organic brain damage lawyer who has the knowledge and resources to help you get a just financial settlement so that you can receive the proper care for your condition.

Common causes of brain damage

While many people suffer brain injuries from medical conditions such as strokes, heart attacks, or brain infections, roughly 2 million people each year suffer brain injuries from accidents such as car accidents, workplace accidents, falls, sports accidents, being struck by a flying or falling object, or assaults. Any accident that causes a blow, jolt, or strike to the head can cause a brain injury. Piercing injuries from a gunshot wound, knife, or fragments from a crushed skull, can also cause a serious brain injury that eventually leads to dementia.

Victims who suffer severe brain damage typically suffer a loss of consciousness that lasts for several hours or days, and displays confusion for weeks or more. Loss of memory, behavior changes, and personality changes are also common symptoms of severe brain injuries.


Heather Smith was riding her bike in Manhattan when a car made a right turn in front of her, causing her to crash. She landed on the pavement head first, and suffered a serious brain injury. She was in a coma for 11 days. When she finally woke up, she was barely able to walk, talk, or eat. Heather had to undergo months of rehabilitation to relearn many activities of daily living. With the help of an organic brain injury attorney in New York, Heather sued to driver who hit her. The driver blamed Heather for the accident and refused to pay anything. Finally, after suing the driver, Heather won a significant judgment that allowed Heather to pay her medical bills and covered the other losses she suffered.

Pursuing compensation for a brain injury

If you are injured because another person was negligent, reckless, or acted intentionally, you have the right to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. In order to prevail, you must have evidence that the defendant was negligent and as a result you were injured. Damages include medical expenses—both past and future. If you had to miss work, or had to stop working all together due to your brain injury, you can demand damages for your lost pay and loss of future earning capacity. Because of the severe impact a brain injury can have on your physical and emotional well-being, you can also demand payment for pain and suffering.

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The organic brain injury attorney serving New York the Law Offices of Stephen Bilkis & Associates understand that brain injuries leave both victims and their family members devastated, as the can leave victims with permanent cognitive deficiencies as well as substantial medical bills. If you are someone you care about is facing the challenges of organic brain damage, we are here to help. Contact a New York organic brain damage lawyer at 800.696.9529 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation regarding your case. We represent clients in the following locations: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhattan, Nassau County, Queens, Staten Island, Suffolk County and Westchester County.