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New York Risk Factors of Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Anyone can become an accident victim and suffer a brain injury. However, there are risk factors of traumatic brain injuries that put specific demographics at a higher risk of suffering brain injuries than others. For example, the elderly and children are at particular risk of suffering brain injuries. Elderly people often have mobility and balance problems and as a result they are more likely to fall in the bathtub or while climbing stairs. Children tend to suffer brain injuries during falls. Traumatic brain injuries in children are also frequently due to child abuse. If you suffered a brain injury caused by the negligent or intentional actions of another person or entity, it is important that you contact a New York brain injury lawyers who understands that the consequences of a traumatic brain injury include not only physical pain, but there are also financial pain. Our attorneys are here to help you assert your legal rights and obtain compensation so that you can seek treatment for the physical and emotional consequences of such an injury.

Risk factors of traumatic brain injury

People who are at the highest risk for brain injuries include those who are age 75 and older, adolescents age 15-24, and children ages 0-4 have the highest rates of traumatic brain-related hospitalizations and deaths. In addition, common causes of brain injuries include:

Falls: Falls are the leading cause of brain injuries, particularly in those 75 and older. In order for a brain injury to occur, the fall does not have to be from a high elevation. Victims suffer brain injuries after falling out of bed, slipping in the bathtub or shower, and falling from ladders.

Vehicle accidents: Car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, and bicycles are also a leading cause of traumatic brain injuries.

Violence: Criminal assaults such as gunshot wounds, knife wounds, child abuse- including shaken baby syndrome, and domestic violence account for about 20% of brain injuries.

Sports and recreation: Traumatic brain injuries are suffered by participants in a wide variety of sports and recreational activities such as boxing, lacrosse, skateboarding, football, soccer, gymnastics, and horseback riding.

Pursuing compensation

An experienced brain injury attorney in New York will explain that regardless of the risk factors of traumatic brain injury, anyone can suffer a brain injury. Victims have to cope with not only the physical consequences, but also the financial and emotional consequences of a brain injury. If someone else caused your brain injury, then under New York law you have the right to shift the financial burden of your brain injury to the person who caused the accident. You can demand recompense for your medical bills and for your pain and suffering. If the injury caused you to miss work, you can also demand payment for your lost wages and other types of missed compensation.

In addition to pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, our attorneys will also explore other sources of compensation such as workers’ compensation in the case of a work-related accident, and Social Security disability in the case of long-term or permanent injury.

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