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New York Closed Head Injury Lawyer

A closed head injury such as a concussion, contusion, or hematoma is a head injury in which the skull remains intact. Conversely, in an open head injury the skull is penetrated and fractured, leaving the brain exposed. Closed head injuries are commonly caused by car accidents, falls, and criminal assaults. Such injuries also frequently occur in the workplace, particularly at construction sites. They are among the most common cause of death of children. It is also a frequent cause of permanent disabilities. If your head injury was caused because of another person’s negligence, then you should immediately contact a New York closed head injury lawyer who understands the impact that this type of injury can have on your long-term wellness and your livelihood.

Common causes of closed head injury skull fractures

A closed head injury typically is caused when some sort of external force such as a blow or jolt causes brain damage. This can happen in a traffic accident, when something flies through the air and hits the victim, as the result of a fall, when the victim’s head is violently jolted back and forth, or in sports-related accidents, or when the victim is unable to breathe.

There are several types of closed head injuries. Concussions are among the most common. A concussion is a result of a blow to the head that causes the brain cells to be damaged. While many concussions are mild and the brain heals on its own, concussions that are severe can result in the victim experiencing long-term symptoms and permanent disability. Other types of close head injuries are contusions, hematomas, and diffuse axonal injuries.

Regardless of the type of closed head injury, the symptoms that a victim may experience tend to be the same: dizziness, seizures, cognitive problems, mood and personality changes, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, memory loss, and slurred speech. A severe head injury can lead to the victim falling into vegetative state and death.

Pursuing compensation for a closed head injury

Closed head injuries are often caused in accidents that are caused by someone other than the victim. For example, a tailgating driver is unable to stop as traffic slows and causes a rear-end accident. As a result, the driver of the car that was rear-ended suffers a concussion. Or, a frustrated baby sitter shakes a crying baby causing the baby to suffer an axonal brain injury. As a closed head injury attorney in New York will explain, in both cases the victim would have the right to seek compensation from the negligent person. Damages awarded in personal injury cases that cause serious head or brain injuries include both past and future medical expenses, lost pay, loss of future pay, and pain and suffering. If a family dies from a head injury that was caused by another person, family members have the right to pursue damages through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Depending on where the accident occurred, who caused the accident, and the severity of the head injury, other potential sources of compensation and benefits include workers’ compensation and Social Security disability.

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